Travis Truck

Travis is a trusty ride. He’s been around the farm a few times and can always be counted on for hauling hay to the animals.

Chicky Chicken

Chicky is one friendly fowl. She’s always there for the other animals with a helping hand and words of encouragement.

Rolly Rooster

Rolly is the farm’s biggest fan. He loves the farm and all the animals and is always there for them.

Sherwin Sheep

Sherwin is suave and sophisticated. He’s very charming and witty, He always seems to know just what to say for the occasion.

Chrissie Cow

Chrissie is the farm’s party animal. She likes to throw big get-togethers and loves to see everyone having a good time.

Gareth Goat

Gareth is the joker of the farm. He’s quick with a gag and always sees the lighter side of things.

Harley Horse

Harley is dedicated and hard-working. He can always be counted on when a tough job needs to be done.


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